Periodontitis is one of the main diseases of mankind. Patients who are aged 35 or above lose more teeth due to periodontitis than through caries. Chronic periodontitis is prevalent among patients who are 35-40 or older. The bone loses its substance slowly but steadily, which triggers development of dental pockets. If they are not treated, the patient is likely to lose teeth. This is caused mainly by dental plaque bacteria.

The rare form of aggressive periodontitis mostly affects younger patients who are in their twenties. It proceeds rapidly and also leads to the loss of teeth. The causes of this disease are usually certain periodontal pathogenic microorganisms combined with a genetic predisposition.
For patients with periodontitis a good dental hygiene is essential. The dental pockets must be treated by the dentist regularly. Patients with aggressive periodontitis should be additionally treated with antibiotics if certain bacteria are identified by laboratory testing.
In some cases, already lost tissue can be regenerated by surgical intervention proceedures.

The ultimate ambition of periodontics is the remediation of the periodontitis and gingivitis for the subsequent long-term preservation of your teeth.

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